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University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies and Sociology 2005-2008

Fall 2005

Film & Social Change

+ Teshome Gabriel


Introduction to the Study of Language 

+ Daniel Buring

Feminist Perspective and Society 

+Kendahl Radcliffe


Winter 2006


Greek Mythology


Intro to Sociology Research Methods

+ Rebecca Davis

History of Medicine

+Robert G. Frank, Jr


"So you want to make Movies?"

+ Barbara Boyle


Winter 2006


Diet & Exercise

+Christian Roberts


Introduction to Sociology

+ Steve Sherwood

Introduction to Statistical Reasoning

+ Rick Paik Schoenberg



Summer 2006 


Political Science: American Government


Introduction to Economics

Fall 2006


Introduction to Communication 

+ Michael Suman

Development of Sociological Theory

+ Mark Jepson

Sociology of the Family

+ Zsuzsa Berend

Principles of Oral Communication

+ John Kochian


Winter 2007

Multicultural Television

+ Steve Peterson

Criticism & the Public Arts

+ Paul Von Blum

Social Psychology

+ John Monterosso, Ph.D.

Contemporary Sociological Theory

+ Rogers Brubaker


Spring 2007

Nature of the Universe

+ Brandner

Freedom of Speech & Press

+ Mark Huppin

Visual Communication and Social Advocacy

+ Paul Von Blum

Dynamic of Communication

+Steve Peterson



Summer 2007


Spanish Language Immersion Program

Instituto Internacional, Madrid, Spain

Fall 2007

Nature of Language

+A.C. Quicoli

Analysis of Communication Effects

+ Michael Suman

Agitational Communication

+ Paul Von Blum

Intro to Communication Research

+ Kyu Hahn


Winter 2008

Collective Behavior

+Mark Jepson


Money & Emotions

+Zsuzsa Berend

Elementary Spanish

+Diana Schwartz



Spring 2008

Communication Theory

+ William Kelly

Primate Societies

+Rick Grannis


Race & Ethnicity in American Life

+Susan Kim



Summer 2008

Freedom of Communication

+ Pamela Hobbs

Academic Writing

+ Steve Steinberg

Culture & Personality

+ Mark Jepson

Fall 2008

Field Research

+David Halle

Self & Society

+Terry Anderson

Middle Ages to 17 Century Literature

+ Whitney Braun



  • The Power of Purpose session at the Professional Business Women’s Conference (PBWC)

  • Speaker: Haley Rushing, Chief Purposologist and co-founder, The Purpose Institute 

  • How to Create a Social Content Strategy For Your Business guide by Falcon Social

  • Dash - General Assembly online tutorial for HTML, CSS, and Javascript 

  • Young Donors and Alumni: Inspire a Lifetime of Giving- Webinar and Research Report hosted by The Chronicles of Philanthropy

  • Communicating for Leadership Success webinar by Insperity

  • Insperity DISC Training webinar by Insperity

  • Effective Fundraising Emails and Letters webinar by

  • 5 Ways to Expand your Network of Fundraisers and Donors webinar by

  • How to turn your supporters into inspired advocates with email nurturing webinar by

  • Assimilating Fundraising into the Mission: Connecting the Dots for Increased Revenue webinar by

  • Maximum Media Exposure for Nonprofits webinar by

  • Nonprofit Insight Webinars: Video Storytelling webinar by

  • Your Guide to #GivingTuesday webinar hosted by

  • How to Develop a Campaign Calendar webinar


FUNDRAISING DAY 2014 (Program)


  • Direct Response > 30 Ideas in 60 Minutes: Your Hour of Creative Power 

    Speakers: Lori Burns, Senior Vice President, Russ Reid; 

    Christine Shilosky, Senior Account Executive, Mal Warwick/Donordigital; 

    Luke Vander Linden, Vice President & Senior Marketing Director, Carl Bloom Associates

  • Essentials of Fundamentals > Relationship Building: The Essence of Personal Fundraising 

    Speaker: Richard Brown, Clinical Assistant Professor, George H. Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, New York University

  • The Event Pipeline: Turning Events Guests into Major Donors 

    Speaker: Patricia Clemency, President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Metro New York and Western New York. Click here to listen on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. 

  • I-Plan: Meet Nonprofits Who Have Integrated New Millennium Event Technology Into Their Events 

    Speakers: Mandy Groff, Director of Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of America;

    Alyssa Kind, Assistant Director, Office of Special Events, Mount Sinai Health System; and Nicole Piampiano, Coordinator for Advancement Events, Stony Brook University


Trainings provided by BLACKBAUD


  • Data Health in The Raiser's Edge

  • Financial and Pledge Reports in The Raiser's Edge

  • Generating Event Mailings in The Raiser's Edge

  • Generating Mail Merge Letters in Records in The Raiser's Edge

  • Building Complex Queries in The Raiser's Edge

  • Building Relationships with Action Tracks in The Raiser's Edge


Trainings provided by MAKE-A-WISH AMERICA


  • Luminate Online Overview

  • 2014 Summer Learning Series:

    • Online Event Fundraising 

      Speaker:  Andrew Welkley, Product Marketing Manager - Blackbaud

    • Winning at Local Sponsorship 

      Speaker: Maureen Carlson, Executive Vice President - GoodScout 

    • Event Donor Stewardship 

      Speaker: Meghan Dankovich, Consultant - Plenty Consulting

    • How to Make Your Event Stand Out 

      Speaker: Rachel Armbruster

  • Walk for Wishes Monthly Series:

    • Having an Engaged Walk Committee

    • Creating a Dynamic Walk Day Experience (Speaker: Matt Glass from Eventage)

    • All things Corporate

    • Recruiting Family Teams

    • Coaching Teams to Fundraising Success

    • Kick Off Party

    • Team Week 

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